from KIFF2021 Ambassador

KIFF2021 Ambassador

Kana Kurashina

My name is Kana Kurashina, and I will be serving as an ambassador for the Kyoto International Film Festival in 2021.
I hope that through this film festival, everyone will be able to experience a wide variety of films and make wonderful discoveries.
As an ambassador, I hope that I can help in any way I can.

Kana Kurashina was born on December 23, 1987 in Kumamoto Prefecture.
She was chosen for the lead role in the NHK TV series Uerukame (2009).
Her film works include Yume Uru Futari (Dreams for Sale) (2012), Toku de Zutto Soba ni Iru (2017), Sangatsu no Raion (March Comes In like a Lion) (2017), Aiaigasa (2018), and Onna-tachi
She has also appeared on stage in many productions including Raio no Terasu (directed by Amon Miyamoto), Dareka Seki ni Tsuite (directed by Yutaka Kuramochi), Chaimerica (Chimerica), and Ame performed by Komatsuza (directed by Tamiya Kuriyama).
In December, she is scheduled to appear in Tennessee Williams' Garasu no Dobutsuen (The Glass Menagerie) directed by Satoshi Kamimura.

from KIFF Executive Committee

Honorary Chairman of Kyoto International Film and Art Festival Executive Committee

Sadao Nakajima

It's that time of year again, the film festival season.
This year's festival will be held while we are suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic.
We all hope that the experiences of last year, including the active use of online
services, will be fully utilized to make this a film festival that everyone can enjoy.

Chairman of Kyoto International Film and Art Festival Executive Committee

Ichiya Nakamura

For the second year in a row since the Pacific War, the Yamahoko procession was cancelled.
However, the construction of the Yamahoko floats was carried out to keep the culture alive.
As in the previous year, there were only six Daimonji bonfires.
Nevertheless, the bonfires were still lit.
Both the Olympics and the Paralympics were held under restricted circumstances.
“Film, Art, and All the Other Things.”
The Kyoto International Film and Art Festival will learn from these and do the best we can.
Kyoto is a city with a thousand years of culture, where movies, games, animation, and pop culture continue to be created.
This is a city that continues to compete for the top spot in the world's most popular tourist destination rankings and is home to the Agency for Cultural Affairs.
Everyone who loves Kyoto is connected while enjoying and creating “All the Other Things.”
Last year, we took on the challenge of holding the event online.
This year, we will try a hybrid of both online and off-line events.
We are trying to create a new form of harmony in the post COVID-19 world.
Kind regards,

Overall Producer of Kyoto International Film and Art Festival

Kazuyoshi Okuyama

The International Film and Art Festival in Kyoto, the birthplace of Japanese cinema, has been placing importance on the traces and history of cinema since its inception.
Meanwhile, with each successive festival, we have come to feel the gravity of the festival's original responsibility to connect to the future development of film.
From this year, we will not only lean on the achievements of our beloved predecessors, but we will also take a giant step forward to develop a concrete future.
It is precisely in times like these, when it is difficult to foresee the future, that we declare our intentions and make our aspirations even stronger.
Thank you again for your support this year.

Art Planner of Kyoto International Film and Art Festival

Kenta Oka

The word “real” is often used to describe something photorealistic or realistic as in realistic paintings or stories. However, with the COVID-19 pandemic, I often heard the word “real” used to describe the choice between meeting online or in person. Reality as a human being has a different value system than it did before COVID-19. Passing down techniques from the master to the next generation. There is a “reality” expressed during these times by people who are involved in their own respective cultures and art forms. Kojiki Records of Ancient Matters, contemporary art, performances, video, and traditional crafts. There is a force here that will help us overcome these unprecedented times.

Vice Chairman of Kyoto International Film and Art Festival Executive Committee

Koji Ueno

Hybrid = Real and online!
This year, the Kyoto International Film and Art Festival will be held during the COVID-19 pandemic.
Last year, the festival was held online only for the first time since its inception.
Some people may ask, “If it's online, does it have to be from Kyoto?” Of course it does! Holding the festival from Kyoto has significance, and with the cooperation of local people, we were able to hold this festival.
This year's event is a hybrid! We will use the best of both the real and online worlds to showcase the charm of Kyoto.
By combining these two approaches, we aim to create a film festival that stands out from the rest.

The Mayor of Kyoto

Daisaku Kadokawa

From Kyoto, the birthplace of Japanese cinema, to the world. The Kyoto International Film and Art Festival continues to create and share new culture with the world, based on tradition. I am happy to announce that the event will be held again this year, taking all possible measures against infectious diseases.
I would like to express my deepest admiration and gratitude to Sadao Nakajima, who serves as Honorary Executive Committee Chairman, Ichiya Nakamura, who serves as Executive Committee Chairman, Yoshimoto Kogyo Co., Ltd., which has created amazing projects overflowing with ideas, as well as to everyone else involved.
Last year, the festival took on the challenge of holding an online film festival that could be viewed not only by people in Japan but also by those overseas, and I heard that more than 150,000 people watched the event. We will take these efforts to the next level this year with a hybrid event that combines the online and real worlds. In the Creators Factory, which uncovers and develops talented leaders in art and culture, works that pass the screening process will be shared and announced online. In the Art Division, there will be works from children. I am also looking forward to the various programs tailored to the “With COVID-19” era.
Culture and art enrich people's minds and are an indispensable part of our lives during the COVID-19 pandemic. In the midst of this unprecedented crisis, Kyoto City will continue to work together with many people to keep the flames of culture and art alive. I would like to ask for your understanding and cooperation.
Lastly, I would like to say that I hope that this film festival will be a rewarding and productive experience for everyone.

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